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Customers, Clients, Candidates – ENGAGE!

Professionalism, Honesty & Integrity

Valor management and staff place the greatest amount of emphasis on these most basic but imperative principles. Our collective, primary goal is to consistently strive for 100% compliance in these areas, thus enabling our clients and all that come in contact with VIP a much more satisfying, unique experience.


It’s hard to create something new where nothing existed. It requires creativity, vision and a skilled understanding of process. Our passion lies in our ability to engineer and implement technological solutions that actually solve your business needs, while providing your customers a new era of customer satisfaction and service.

Valor’s recovery specialists are trained to:

Gather Information

Gather information regarding financial status, corporate hierarchy, and industry news about the customer. This allows us to formulate pre-emptive objections or overcome delays in potential payment.

Ask Probing Questions

Ask probing questions of decision makers, identifying intent, urgency, and testing desire to resolve the account.

Build an ally

Build an ally, rather than an adversary. This tactic will give us the best chance to open lines of communication and gain trust and mutual respect. You get more bee’s with honey!

Be A Good Listener

Not only “hear” what is being said, but “listen” to what is being said. This is often overlooked by narrow minded, traditional collection agencies.